The BVC system will allow a web site user to use connect his browser to Strava which will allow for the BVC Workout system to upload TCX files directly to Strava either upon request or automatically.

To utilize this you must Connect your browser using the OAUTH2 facility. Once this is complete you will have the following options:

  1. The BVC Workout Page will display your Strava Account name
  2. Will be able to Disconnect from Strava
  3. Optionally add Burnaby Velodrome Club as a Strava Club in your Strava Account
  4. Allow a workout or workouts to be uplodated directly to Strava
  5. Allow for your Strava Account to be associated with a BVC user name

If you associate your Strava Account with a BVC user name you can also:

  1. Disassoicate your Strava Account from the BVC user name
  2. Enable auto-upload of all workouts to Strava


  • To connect to Strava using OAUTH2 your browser will be redirected to Strava. You will need to login and then confirm or deny access to Burnaby Velodrome.
  • Access by Burnaby Velodrome can be revoked at any time by logging into Strava, going to the Settings page, and clicking on the "My Apps" menu item on the right hand side of the screen. Simply look for BVC Workouts in the list and click on "Revoke Access"
  • Alternately the BVC Workout page will display "Disconnect" below your Strava account name and that can be used to disconnect your Strava Account
  • Please note that connecting to Strava is done for your web browser, if you use multiple web browsers you will need to connect each one
  • Associating your Strava Account with a BVC user requires that you connect a web browser first but does not require that you do it for each of your web browsers

Click to confirm OAUTH2 connecting BVC user "E280117000000214C8E5C8F0" to to your Strava Account, you will be directed to Strava to confirm

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